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Great Instruments
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'Kruse' Stradivari violin 1721 poster'Kruse' Stradivari violin 1721 poster
'Titian' Antonio Stradivari violin, 1715 Poster'Titian' Antonio Stradivari violin, 1715 Poster
'Viotti' Stradivari violin, 1709 Poster'Viotti' Stradivari violin, 1709 Poster
Andrea Amati violin, c.1566 PosterAndrea Amati violin, c.1566 Poster
Brothers Amati Cello c.1600 PosterBrothers Amati Cello c.1600 Poster
Carlo Bergonzi violin, 1736 PosterCarlo Bergonzi violin, 1736 Poster
Domenico Montagnana violin, 1717 PosterDomenico Montagnana violin, 1717 Poster
Guarneri ‘del Gesù’ ‘Plowden’ Violin 1735 PosterGuarneri ‘del Gesù’ ‘Plowden’ Violin 1735 Poster

Every generation of violin makers has sought to analyse and understand the classic forms, and, for the past 122 years, the violin world's leading experts have assessed the latest research into the finest instruments in the pages of The Strad. Great Instruments includes 15 authoritative and beautifully illustrated articles from the past ten years, which provide unique insights into some of the world's most celebrated stringed instruments.

Featured instruments:

Andrea Amati, Violin, c.1566 br>Brothers Amati, Cello, c.1600
Henry Jaye, Viola, 1619
Jacob Stainer, Tenor viola, c.1650
Antonio Stradivari, ‘Viotti’ violin, 1709
Antonio Stradivari, ‘Titian’ violin, 1715
Antonio Stradivari, ‘Messiah’ violin, 1716
Domenico Montagnana, Violin, 1717
Pietro Giacomo Rogeri, Cello, 1717
Antonio Stradivari, ‘Kruse’ violin, 1721
Guarneri ‘del Gesù’, ‘Plowden’ violin, 1735
Carlo Bergonzi, Violin, 1736
Guarneri ‘del Gesù’, ‘Cessole’, ‘Teja–Ferni’ violin, 1736
Domenico Montagnana, Cello, 1740
Nicolas Lupot, Violin, 1808

Also included are the poster reference codes.
These are written in brackets next to the instrument name, for those wanting to accompany the articles with the matching, life sized and detailed posters.
Great Instruments hand in hand with the matching posters make an excellent resource for your workshop.

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