13th International 'Triennale' Competition of Violin Making Antonio Stradivari

13th International 'Triennale' Competition of Violin Making Antonio Stradivari
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More than 300 instrument makers from 34 countries competed in the 2012 ‘Triennale’ competition, held in Cremona every three years since 1976. This catalogue brings together the winning instruments in all four categories – violin, viola, cello and double bass – and hundreds of other entries from as far afield as China, South Korea and Japan.

Beautifully photographed in Cremona by Studio Immagine Cristian Chiodelli, this collection presents a lasting record of the 2012 competition and displays the variety and creativity of the current generation of makers around the world. Text is in English and Italian.

List of 2012 Cremona Triennale winners

1 Ulrich Hinsberger – Germany
2 Nicholas Gooch – UK
3 Gonzalo Bayolo – Spain

1 Ulrike Dederer – Switzerland
2 Charles Coquet – France
3 Florian Geyer – Germany

1 Not awarded
2 Krzysztof Krupa – Poland
3 Lorenzo Rossi – Italy

Double bass
1 Marco Nolli – Italy
2 Marianne Lenzini – Italy
3 Francisc Gyorke – Romania

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