'Conte Vitale' Andrea Guarneri viola, c.1676 Poster

'Conte Vitale' Andrea Guarneri viola, c.1676 Poster
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An important instrument from the first maker to concentrate on the smaller-pattern viola. Includes measurements

‘Guarneri’s scrolls are always charming and totally distinctive. Careless in cutting the central eye perfectly round, he left a little tail into the first turn of the volute that is a Guarneri trademark, giving the bonus of having two different scrolls to enjoy either side of the one head. The fluting carries right round the front of the head and is very cleanly finished at the throat, ample testimony to Guarneri’s skill. What finally elevates this viola to highest rank is its almost entire coat of fine yellow varnish.’ – John Dilworth in the October 1996 issue.

Read a personal tribute to the 'Conte Vitale' by Spanish luthier Roberto Jardón Rico

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